Scotland Yarn Polo Shirt - Light Blue
Scotland Yarn Polo Shirt - Light Blue

Scotland Yarn Polo Shirt - Light Blue

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The short-sleeved polo shirts of our production are made with 100% made in Italy Scotland Yarn fabric, a noble yarn that guarantees resistance, brilliance and non-shrinkage to the garments and is synonymous with quality and well-being in the hottest season while preserving its elegance.

A pre-wash of all the pieces was carried out before proceeding with the actual production of the polo shirts in order to guarantee a very small percentage of shrinkage of the fabric.

Each garment has been embellished with the use of Australian mother-ofpearl buttons. The packaged garment requires a delicate wash as expressed in the label placed inside it.

Our Trocàs button has most of the opalescent features of Australian mother-of-pearl, known for its rare and exclusive beauty, it is the most luxurious type from which to draw for the production of fine buttons that radiate a shining light and give an always elegant touch to each creation.


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